You should be removing Instagram followers, here’s why…


You're making sure you read that title right and you're a little shocked when you realize you did.

Removing Instagram followers? Nicole, you can't be serious - I've worked so hard to gain them and now I'm literally going to remove them? Are you kidding?!


No, I'm not kidding. Not one little bit.

So your obvious first thought is why???

Why on earth would you remove followers after you spend so long and work so hard to collect them? The answer is so simple, it's actually just 1 word.


But how does removing followers allow you to grow your page engagement?

Let me explain...

There are people following you who have not come onto Instagram in literal years, there are old bot accounts that you left years ago because they boosted your following, there are all sorts of strange and unengaged people hiding behind that number you're always looking at...

But why should you get rid of them? How will this benefit you?

The reason is your engagement rate because if content is KING and consistency is QUEEN well then Engagement is the ROYAL COURT! They're the people you need backing you to get where you are trying to go.

Having sleepers in that court isn't so great. When you pop onto your insights or onto a website like Phlanx that checks your engagement rate you'll be able to tell what yours is, for instance, here's mine:

So I'm pretty happy about that! The averages for different followings look like this:

So I'm 15% below average, could it be better? Yes, the answer is that it can ALWAYS be better! But all in all being as close to you can to the average on there is the best!

Your goal should always be to have an engagement rate of 4-5%. The higher the better.

But wait...

What does this have to do with removing followers?

What does your engagement rate actually mean?

Let's go through those questions:

What does your engagement rate actually mean?

Your engagement rate is the percentage of your audience that actually sees and engage with your content and posts. So here is a little maths illustration (don't worry! I'll go easy on the math! I'm no good at it either):

If you have 100 followers and an engagement rate of 20% that means that 20 out of your 100 followers engage with you, the rest don't.

Pretty easy to understand right?

What does this have to do with removing followers?

Pretty much everything. If you are sitting well below the engagement rate for your account it's time. It's time for you to go through your followers and start removing people.

Here's why...

Your following doesn't = the number of people who will engage with you if you're hoping for an audience that likes, comments, responds to stories and is all in all there and engaged then you need to clean out some of them.

But we don't clean out everybody, this isn't about hitting 0 this is about removing accounts you are 100% sure are not going to engage with you! You'd be surprised at how many of them are sitting in your Followers tab...

Here are some examples:

First, off you have the BUY FOLLOWERS or FREE FOLLOWERS people who follow you just hoping that you'll click onto their profile and be seduced into purchasing 'free' followers for yourself >>>

[Don't be fooled, while you may be able to get followers quickly at no extra monetary cost they are not free. As soon as you purchase followers or accept bots to boost your numbers your relationship with Instagram is as good as gone. You will permanently suffer adverse effects such as low engagement and very low reach on your posts - this is due to something called shadowbanning. Instagram will limit your reach and make it impossible for new and real accounts to find you.

As you have violated their terms of service you are no longer given the same level of privilege as the people who work within the boundaries they are given.]

Then you have the CASH QUICK or BITCOIN or EARN MONEY NOW accounts, you've seen them, you know exactly who I'm talking about:

Last but not least on this list you have the PORN accounts. We've all seen at least 20 of these in different shapes and forms:

These are the kinds of accounts you want to remove. People, actually they don't even deserve the decency of that title, they're not people, they're spam accounts who follow and follow and follow and follow hoping to sucker some poor person into their web of scams.

Are you feeling better?

Now that you understand exactly what I mean when I say you need to be removing Instagram followers!

Your next question may be HOW...and that's a fair question until this article popped up you probably didn't even know that you COULD do that, did you?!

Here's how:

It's really easy, isn't it?

How often should you do it?

It can become easy to do this all the time, to have a fear of collecting unengaged followers and that is not what I am teaching here AT ALL. I want you to have the numbers and I want you to have an engaged following.

Honestly, I just want ALL the best for you!

So do this once every 2 weeks, comb through your followers, make sure there are no bots or fake accounts in there and leave the rest. This will leave you will a following of real people you can connect with, engage with and sell to.

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