Who Must I Follow On Instagram?

This is a little different from the usual question, most people are so busy trying to collect followers and grow their following that they forget the extremely important question of who they should be following...

Have you thought about this?

Believe it or not, this is something a lot of people actually get wrong (yes, you heard me, it is possible to get this wrong).

How do they get it wrong?

Well, it starts like this, many people misunderstand Instagram.

Yep...you read that right.

Many people view a follow as a way to say thank you to somebody.

That's wrong.

That's not what a follow is.

Why is this a problem?

Instagram is all about community...you know this.

It's about connecting with people, collecting friends and creating a platform you love to be present on and to engage with.

When you treat following people as a way of saying thank you for engaging with you or following them back because they followed you, that's not good.

You're not creating a feed of people in your niche, you're not following people you are actually going to engage with. Rather you're just collecting a strange collection of people that you don't really want to be following and you have no actual interest in their content but you feel obligated to look at it because they engaged with you once...

What you should be doing:

You should be following people who are in your niche, whose content you actually like seeing and engaging with. Content that grows you.

Treat following somebody as an award that you give when you really think somebody has earned it.

Be honest, when you get to somebodies page and their numbers look like this:

You know a follow from them will mean nothing to you, there will be no engagement coming from them, they just followed you hoping that you would follow them back and when you don't, well they'll just unfollow you and find somebody else to try this on and keep the cycle going.

It's kind of a sickening feeling when you look over your new follower's profiles and see these numbers because you know your following will be dropping pretty soon and that SUCKS.

You want your numbers to look more like this:

So when somebody heads over to your page and sees you've followed them, you've made a friend, you've made a connection. You're following somebody and you're going to engage with their content and be a present follower.

So in conclusion:

You're welcome to ignore everything I've written in this post, you're welcome to go ahead and keep doing what you're doing.

But for the sake of your Instagram, I hope you don't.

Follow people in your niche, follow people whose content you actually like and follow content you are willing to engage with on a regular basis.

Don't be one of those people who follow just for a cheap follow back, be better. Build a community. Build the community you wish you had.

I can't wait to see how this simple mindset shift is going to transform your Instagram game from zero to HERO!

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