Trying to grow your Instagram? Do This...

Growing Your Instagram, I mean is there a more talked about the issue online? There are thousands, if not millions of different ideas on how to do it!

So in today's post, I am going to lay down a quick and easy strategy that you can apply to your Instagram that will give you guaranteed results...

But here are 2 things you really need to know first:

This is not a DO NOTHING strategy, it's going to require TIME and EFFORT from you.

But if you are willing to put those 2 things in, then there is an endless amount of good that will come.

Secondly, this is not a grow quick scheme, I cannot promise you 1K in a month. Rather I can promise you, 100+ followers, a month for as long as you practice these techniques and when I say 100 I'm leaning on the lower side.

I want you to know this is going to take work but in the end, it will pay off with REAL and ENGAGED followers who are interested in you, what are doing and in the content that you put out!

So here are the 3 steps to grow your Instagram:

I'm going to list them out for you here and then I'm going to go in detail on each one of them:

  1. A Clear profile

  2. Post every single day

  3. Network

Now obviously there is so much more you can do, but I'm going to break down these 3 points so that you can 100% understand what you need to do:

A Clear Profile:

What does your profile look like?

Here is a list that you need to go through and make sure your profile measures up to. Making sure that you are clear about who you are and what can be expected from your account is a surefire way to make sure that more people hit that follow button and stay along for the journey:

  • A clear profile photo with either your logo or your face

  • Your name or your brand name

  • A one-liners explaining who you are

  • A list of 2-3 things you do (use emojis! 1 Emoji is worth 5 words)

  • A clear CTA above your link (call to action)

  • A website link

Make sure each one of these is clear and well done on your bio, also this goes without saying but make sure that you write your bio in the same voice that you write all your posts in. It creates consistency.

Post Every Single Day

Yes, you heard me right, you need to post every single day at LEAST once a day.

If you can post twice then you are just about as good as you can get.

Posting everyday matters, putting out content that lasts and that your audience can engage with matters. So make sure you are posting a variety of unique content every single day that your audience can like, comment on and share.


Networking is how you connect with potential clients and with people in your niche, it is a really easy way to grow your following and your engagement at the same time!

Check out this blog post to find out who you do it: The Best Solution Ever For Low Engagement on Instagram

And that's it! These are just 3 of the basics that you can put in place to make sure that you are growing on a daily basis and that you're growing the right kind of audience!

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