4 Post Ideas For Instagram

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Coming up with post ideas can be HARD 😡you sit there and think and think and think and all you get is frustrated... allow me to be your fairy godmother!

Something I always tell my clients is 'DON'T REINVENT THE WHEEL!' Don't stress trying to come up with something never seen before, that doesn't exist. Here's a better idea... share what you love about in a beautiful way that people can relate to!

Here are some really simple ideas that you can bipity bopity boop into your Instagram and make the magic happen!

A Work Update

How and where you're working during #Lockdown.

The whole world has moved online, we're suddenly all working from home. Even those of us who used to work in Coffee Shops have had to shift our routine.

So post about it, take a photo of your new workspace, tell a story, what has the switch been like for you? Do you want to go back? Do you like it this way?

Visually, why don't you take a photo of your desk or of you at your desk? Or if you're working from bed how about you take a photo or a flatlay of that?!

You could even take a Zoom selfie because we all know that online meetings are the new morning briefings!

Here's a moodboard to give you some more ideas...

Share A New Goal

What are you aiming for this month? What are you working towards?

Why don't you take the time to write out what your goal is or something you're focusing on and share it with your followers!

It can be as simple as a number you trying to hit or it can be something like getting your website done and up, it can even be a book you're trying to read!

Everybody is working on something, this is a great way to add a call to action to your post and ask a question, share your goal and then ask your followers to share theirs!

The photo can be really simple, you can use a photo of yourself, you can make a graphic with your goal in big bold text, you can take a photo of your computer, you can do anything you want!

A really great tip to remember is that Instagram loves faces! Anywhere you can add a photo of yourself is a win! And people like seeing other people!

Your Most Popular Seller

Selling is a very important part of your Instagram journey, you can only sell things if you actually sell things.

So taking the time to showcase your bestseller and then even with that taking the time to collect testimonials and sharing them as a carousel is AMAZING! As people follow people it's very important to remember that people BUY from people!

And something else to think about...nobody wants to be the first person to buy, think about it, you know what I'm talking about. When you see an online product advertised or a workshop popping up in your stories and it sounds good but what are other people saying?

It's like buying something off of Amazon, you know that 100% you're reading through every review and you're making sure that they don't sound spammy. Oh, and you're obviously going to chat with your friends and see if you know somebody else who bought it...because you'd probably want to see if they liked it!

Share Your Why

Stories, stories, stories.

Storytelling is a big part of succeeding on Instagram, I've said it more than twice in this article and you betcha I'm going to say it again...

People follow people

People want to know your story, they want to support you as a business and as a person.

Now it needs to be said that you do not need to show your face, while it does help and people love seeing faces it's not a 100% requirement. It's something you can pass on if you're a company.

Now I feel the need to add that while you CAN pass on it I would advise you don't I would actually advise that you post at least one photo of yourself every month, it allows people to feel connected to you, to feel like they know you.

That is the joy of Social Media, it's ALL about connection.

So write it out, why did you start, what's the story because you know there is one, what prompted you to do what you are doing now.

I shared my story, did you know I started out as a photographer? The page started as I experimented with my photography style and morphed as I became a Social Media Manager and then left the job I was at to start my own coaching business!

People loved it! Realizing that there is the freedom to tell the whole story and to tell your side of it is SUPER freeing and makes it more fun.

When you connect with what you're doing...you know it's going to go well!

And in closing...

Make these ideas your own, think about how you can use them to connect with your audience and grow. Use your own voice, use your own style. Make this something you can be proud of!

Your Instagram deserves the time it takes to make it unique. You're better than a copy and paste formula from Pinterest. You're special and you deserve to be treated that way

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