All About Me

Hi, I'm Nicole

I’m an Instagram Coach and a Photographer based out of Port Elizabeth, South Africa.


People are the reason I do what I do. I love helping people reach their full potential and master the tools they have in front of them. I believe people can do anything and with a helping hand they can do it well!


I’m here to be that helping hand! To direct and encourage you every step of the way!


I’m also pretty handy with my camera and have had the privilege of working with multiple well known brands such as Execuspecs, Instasize and Grammarly to name a few. I love capturing people and moments, I consider it to be the greatest honor to be invited to capture somebody.


I am an avid contributor to Unsplash and have earned 2 badges through the course of 2018:


  • Unsplash 2018 Awards Nominee (Finalist in Health & Wellness)

  • Unsplash Top 25: Editor's Choice Photographer | Summer 2018


Let’s work together: